FUNRUNGAMES.COM: Applications for your mobile phone
Below a list of MIDP2.0 compliant mobiles/PDAs. Note that for FunRunChat and FunRun you need an MIDP2.0 compliant phone that supports "full-duplex socket" connections. The Nokia6600 is guaranteed "full-duplex socket". The Sony-Ericsson P900 is not! When buying a phone take the free funrun application with you and ask whether you can try it on your phone of choice!
  • Nokia6600, 9500, 6620, 7700
  • Sony-Ericsson P908, Z1010, Z500
  • Motorola A760, V525, V600,
  • BenQ P30
  • Siemens S65, ST60
  • Sagen myV-65, MyX5-2, MyV-75
  • Handspring Treo 600
  • Sendo X
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