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FunRun is the first true multi-player action game for mobiles. With true multi-player we mean that you can play against people from all over the world in the same arena at the same time.

Product specs
The funrun game is free however...
The extra costs you have depend on your provider. Funrun requires internet access because it is multi-player. The typical dataload will be 1KByte per second. For a typical mobile internet account (via Vodafone Live) this means 8Eurocent per minute.

The Game:
Goal: Go for the highscore by walking through the arena and collecting diamonds and shooting opponents.

explanation of screen-shot on the right:
  • coordinates: The coordinates of you in the arena. These coordinates correspond with your location in the arena-viewer (on the right of this page).
  • time left: You loose 60 seconds when you are hit. When there is no time left, the game ends. Of course you can restart the game for free, but the score is reset to zero.
  • ping time: Indication of the internet speed, the ping time. The lower the number the better.

In the arena you find the following attributes:
A diamond: 5 points.
Good for 1 rocket for hitting an opponent or any other attribute in the arena
Good for 1 dynamite. Hit all attributes at once!
Get extra time!
Opponent, hitting an opponent gives you 10 points!

Start instructions:
After filling in the login screen, wait for a connection. After that, the main menu will appear:
  • Play: Play funrun, but first set your keys correctly in the Keys menu!
  • Shop: Buy rockets and dyanamites. You get 1000 credits for free so start shopping right away!
  • Hall of fame: Top 10 scores. For all the scores, see this internetpage on the right, hall of fame!
  • Keys: Configure the keys of your mobile for funrun. Enter this menu-item to set your keys for the game.
For more info see the faqs page.

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