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Funrungames presents to you some great products that you can try and use for free. We have
  • Party Trivia, 1600 questions and funny assignments. Best played by a group of people.
  • SudoContest, the best sudokus and each month prizes for the best players. Runs on most Java-enabled phones.
  • IMHere, a real MSN and Yahoo messenger with emoticon support, photo support, and Google Maps. It runs on all modern mobiles.
  • NavFunPro, Google Maps/Earth and the ultimate GPS navigation tool combined.
  • Easymail, The easiest way to send an Email on any mobile.
  • Snap&Sketch, Make photos and mix them with drawings you make on your mobile. Then send it as Email.
  • Funrun, a massive multi-player action game in which multiple players worldwide can compete on their mobile phones in real-time. In a virtual arena, diamonds and time-bonuses can be gathered, and various armor can be used to attack others.
  • FunGamble, a slotmachine on your mobile (demo only).

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