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NavFunPro faq
Q: How much does it cost?
A: We have a free trial version, where you can try NavFunPro 14 minutes. After 14 minutes you can start NavFunPro again for another 14 minutes. You can buy a full version here for € 4.99. Besides that you have the internet traffic (6 connections per minute, leading to 3 KBytes per minute) plus 100kbytes per screen if you use Google maps/earth.

Q: How do I install NavFunPro on my Blackberry?
A: Browse with your Blackberry directly to Now, the Blackberry will ask you to install NavFun.

Q: I get an authentication error when installing NavFunPro.
A: Browse with your mobile to This will install a more generic version of NavFunPro on your mobile. This is a so-called unsigned version. The 'normal' version of NavFunPro is signed with a Verisign certificate. This is required to give the mobile access to the flash file system of a mobile without security popups. Some mobiles do not support the Verisign certificate and block the installation. This version solves that problem.

Q: How do I make my own waypoint?
A: In the main screen browse to the location where you want the waypoint and press 'ok'. In the next screen you can give the waypoint a name and you can change the coordinates.

Q: How do I work offline?
  • If you have no internet in your mobile: After pressing 'connect' in the main menu you probably get a popup where you must confirm internet access. Select 'no'. NavFunPro will answer with a message 'All servers are down'. You can ignore this message. After that you get the message: 'Continue working offline'. Here you answer yes.
  • If you have internet. Start the application and after connecting go to the Settings screen and check the option Online/offline.

Q: Each few seconds I get an "Allowed to use network" question or another popup. What's that?
A: NavFunPro contacts the internet or filesystem regularly. Most of the times only a few bytes are sent or read. Most phones give a warning when an application enters the internet, bluetooth or filesystem. Go to the "Network access settings" or 'Security settings' of your phone to disable these warning. Read your phone manual how to do this.

Below the instruction for a Series 60 Nokia (Smartphones like N6600, N7610, N95, etc)
  • Exit NavFunPro
  • Goto the phone’s Menu
  • Select 'Applications'
  • Select 'App.Mgr.'
  • Select NavFunPro and open
  • Go to ‘Network access’. Change ‘Ask every time’ into ‘Always allowed’
  • Go to 'Connectivity'. Change ‘Ask every time’ into ‘Always allowed’
  • Go to 'Read user data'. Change ‘Ask every time’ into ‘Always allowed’
  • Go to 'Edit user data'. Change ‘Ask every time’ into ‘Always allowed’
  • Optional: Go to 'Positioning'. Change ‘Ask every time’ into ‘Always allowed’
Below the instructions for a Series 80 Nokia (N9500)
  • Exit NavFunPro
  • Start "Control Panel"
  • Select "Data Management", then "Application Manager"
  • Move cursor down to highlight NavFunPro
  • Select "Details"
  • Select "Network Permissions" tab
  • Change "Internet Access" from "One Shot" to "Session"
  • Select "Done", and then "Close" Control Panel
Below the instructions for a Series 40 Nokia (All other Nokias)
  • Exit NavFunPro
  • Go to the folder that contains NavFunPro and put cursor on NavFunPro
  • Press Options
  • Now you get a menu where there is an option for access, access permissions, or access application
  • a. Select this option
  • b. Select communication
  • c. Select network access
  • d. Select 'Always allowed'
  • Repeat a, b, and select Connectivity.
  • Select 'Always allowed'
  • e. Repeat a and select Data access
  • Select read data
  • Select 'Always allowed'
  • e. Repeat a and select Data access
  • Select write data
  • Select 'Always allowed'
Below the instructions for Sony Erricsons:
  • Exit NavFunPro
  • Go to folder containg NavFunPro
  • Select More
  • Select Security or Access Rights
  • Here you can relax the settings for reading/writing user rights: Change them into 'ask once' or 'ask never'

Q: During 'Connecting' the application blocks.
A: This typically happens when the application cannot get access to the internet. There may be several reasons:
  • The program is not allowed to have access to the internet. On most phones you can do one of the following: On your phone go to Settings>Konfiguration>"Activate standard for all programs".
  • If you use WAP over GPRS please use GPRS directly. Many users report problems with WAP over GPRS.
  • Some phones cannot deal with connections via a so-called proxy. This is a provider-issue. On request most providers can provide you with proxy-less connection-settings. On some phones, like the K750, you can solve the proxy issue by going to settings-java settings-Internet Settings and use your Provider Internet connection" Then goto more settings - Use Proxy: MAKE IT NO. It`s by default YES.
  • Mobile is out of range of a transmission-antenna. Can happen in non-urban areas.
  • When using WAP: The default WAP connection does not give access to the internet. Check the settings of your default WAP connection. You can use another program like the Opera internet browser to verify the internet access.
  • When using GPRS: The GPRS settings are not internet-enabled. You can use another program like the Opera internet browser to verify the internet access.
  • The preferred APN that is used by Java applications is not properly set up when the phone is configured for GPRS by the operator. (APN stands for Access Point Name - i.e. the gateway to services like WAP, the internet or MMS). The wap APN is correct which is why one can browse WAP sites without problems.
    You can try the following (example of Nokia 6230i): You need to set the preferred access point. Select:
    • 1 - Menu
    • 2 - Settings
    • 3 - Configuration
    • steps 4-8 are only needed if no access point is defined
    • 4 - Personal configuration settings
    • 5 - Add
    • 6 - Access point
    • 7 - Back
    • 8 - Back
    • 9 - Preferred access point
    • 10 - Select the new internet access point
    For info about your APN have a look at
  • In case of Blackberry network problems:
    • Go to options > advanced options > TCP
    • Enter the correct Carrier, APN, User name, and Password. For example:
  • A new bug is found: Contact funrungames. Mention phone type, operator and problem in your email.

Q: During login the application reports: 'login error: write'.
A: There are network problems. For a solution, see the question above.

Q: During login the application reports: 'cannot reach the navfunpro server'.
A: There are network problems. For a solution, see the question above.

Q: NavFunPro crashes after browsing the maps for a short period.
A: The mobile may run out of memory. Go to the Settings screen and check the setting 'Maximum number of stored tiles'. Put it on 0 and select 'ok' in the menu.

Q: After 10 or more seconds the screen light turns off or the screen-saver starts.
A: In most cases your mobile has got a setting where you can change this. Example for the N95: Go to Tools->Settings->General->Personalisation->Display. Change the settings: Power saver time-out, and Light time-out

Q: Some parts of the screen are covered by icons of the mobile, or the compass is covered by a strange icon.
A: NavFunPro tries to clain the full screen of the mobile, but some mobiles still put a signal-quality icon somewhere in the corner. Start NavFunPro and after connecting go to the settings screen, scroll down until you see the setting Full screen. Change the setting to no.

Q: After connecting I get an error containing the text 'Javax/microedition/location/LocationListener' or something like that.
A: This happens when you have chosen a location device, that is not supported by your mobile. This may make the mobile crash. Please restart NavFunPro and before connecting select the option 'Reset location device' from the menu. Now connect. After some messages you get the choice to select a location device. Select another location device then before. Choose ok to confirm your choice or choose cancel if you do not have a GPS.

Q: My password is invalid. How do I get the correct password?
A: You may have entered the password the very 1st time. The password is used to protect your data that is uploaded to the server ( If NavFunPro complains about an invalid password, get your password by browsing to

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